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What is a personal Marathon Growth Plan?  It is a plan for your personal spiritual growth in the coming year.  We call it a marathon because the race we run is not a sprint. Nothing wrong with running fast, but the point is – we can’t stand still.  If we are not growing in our likeness to Jesus, we are losing ground.  So the first thing you need to do is pray and ask the Father what He wants you to do in order to grow in your spiritual life.  For some it may be to read the Bible more.  For some it may actually be to read less and pay attention more! But the reality is, you won’t grow because you want to.  You need a plan.

Our goal this year is to help all the people of Mt. Zion come up with a plan for their own spiritual growth.  At the same time, we have a church-wide Bible reading plan, and will encourage members to read the same book, starting with Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  We have a video channel on Rightnow Media with recommended videos for people who prefer to learn that way.
January’s goal is to get you to fill out the short form on the website. After you do, a staff member will reach out to you, seeking to match you up with materials, small groups, and lesson plans that meet your individual needs.  So please fill out the form if you haven’t already, and get started on the Bible Reading plan as well.