Part of my healing process Monday was watching the entire Lonesome Dove mini series. Men and cattle travel over two thousand miles to a place they have never seen to establish a cattle ranch in Montana.  Between Texas and Montana, several lives are lost. At the close of a young Irish tenor’s burial, Captain Woodrow F. Call says, “The best thing to do with death is mount up and ride away from it”.

I began to realize that the men in this story were well acquainted with death. Earlier generations seem to expect death as part of life. Today, it seems that people expect never to die or that they are entitled to have life. Is it possible that the failure to recognize the reality of death has caused us to not consider where we will ride in eternity? Empty churches could be the result of people not realizing the sting of death.

Resurrection Sunday is about mounting up and riding away from death. Jesus rose from the grave and rode to heaven on a cloud that makes Captain Call’s dapple-gray mare look like a go-cart in a Nascar race! I personally hate the feeling of not being able to keep up in any race.

Jesus died in my place and blazed a trail to a cattle ranch I long to live and work on. Christians are not wandering through uncharted territory. God’s word is a navigation device that tells us how to mount up and ride away from death into eternal life. Invite someone to join you to overcome the sting of death this weekend by attending church.