Myers Small Group

PURPOSE: growth and discipleship

TEXT: Phillipians

CONTACT: Bill Myers

PLACE AND TIME: 1st Sunday of every Month at the Myers home

VISION AND/OR STRATEGY: We springboard off of the recent messages at Mt Zion using a lively discussion revolving around Scripture, interpretation, meaning and its application to daily Christian living. Each week we eat together and ask the Holy Spirit to heal, intercede, and divinely inspire our thoughts discussion of teachings.

LEADERS: Bill and Jen Myers (Ryan and Krista Bensheimer)


Thompson Small Group

Purpose:  Fellowship, Growth, Discipleship

Study:  Ephesians

Contact:  Gary Thompson:  815-403-7186

Place:  The Thompson’s

Time:  Every other Sunday after second service.  Right now we are scheduled through the end of May.  

Vision:  To encourage a firm foundation by establishing a clear understanding of who we are in Christ.  Our foundation is solid in a changing world.  To know in our hearts God’s Word is the Truth.  Be accountable and open with each other.  Help each other with issues we are facing and be honest when we may not know all the answers.   Encouraging leadership.  Prayer!!!!!



PURPOSE: Preparing For God’s Visitation


1)      Children before God (Matthew 19: 13-15)

2)      First century church faith (Acts 2:42-47)

3)      Preparing (Exodus 19)

4)      Before the throne (Revelation 1:12-18; 4:1-11; 5:1-14)

5)      Revival Today (Acts 2:1-21)

CONTACT: Scott West or (262) 295-8557

PLACE AND TIME: 2nd Sunday of the month directly after second service at Scott & Jessica’s home 12:30pm – 2:30pm (W967 Green Rd. Genoa City, WI 53128).

Vision: Do all things as children of God with a first century church faith preparing for the visitation of God (whew!). Standing before the throne (our privilege) seeing the unseen eternal reality. Expecting REVIVAL. Circling back to the thought that we can only do these things as children.

Leaders: Scott & Jessica West



PURPOSE: Growth and Discipleship

TEXT: Sermon Based Discussion 

CONTACT: Matt Mouzakis or 262-215-9692

PLACE AND TIME: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 6pm at the Mouzakis’

VISION AND/OR STRATEGY: We discuss the previous week’s message(s)  and how we can apply it to our life, then challenge each other to live it out. The group is geared towards young adults (singles, newly married, young kids).  This is a growing group and our plan is to split after the small group official launch at the end of summer.

LEADERS: Matt and Audrie Mouzakis & Riley and Casey Sampson


Youth Small Groups

TEXT: Sermon Based Discussion

CONTACT: Riley Sampson 3208280235

PLACE AND TIME: Every Wednesday Night during youth service.

VISION AND/OR STRATEGY: The goal of our small groups is to build community and discipleship within our youth ministry.


JH Girls- Suzanne Dixon and Ashley Fielhauer

JH Guys- Eli Bahr

Freshman and Sophomore Girls- Tamara Harris and Bari Bahr

Freshman and Sophomore Guys- Cory Harshman

Junior and Senior Girls- Casey Sampson and Sarah Goldman

Junior and Senior Guys- Riley Sampson