Care Call is a place to practice hospitality, encouragement and the giving and receiving of practical care for church attendee, exercising your spiritual gifts.

Courtesy Meals: for sick or recovering attendees of the church.

Hospital Visitation: edify and encourage patients and their families through brief visitations.

Nursing Home Visitation: The first Thursday of every month a MZCC pastoral staff member and various MZCC volunteers visit the “Geneva Manor” nursing home in Lake Geneva. Everyone meets at the location at 2:30 pm. The residents are usually already and waiting for us. The pastor starts with an open prayer, and then we usually sing a song or two together. A volunteer plays the piano and co-leads everyone with a very short time of singing. Then the pastor will give a brief devotional. After the devotion, we have a brief time of prayer and visiting with the residents. Total time is one hour and sometimes less. If you plan on attending, call the church office the morning of and let us know, so that we can notify the pastor who to look out for. This is a good time to ease the pain of loneliness for many forgotten elderly. Optional things to do with the residents are: reading, and playing games.

Jail Ministry Visitation: Unique opportunities await this type of volunteer. Sharing testimonies, prayer, Bible studies, book ministry, and befriending individuals in local institutions.

Follow-up phone calls to visitors: make phone calls to new attendees or visitors in response to the “Connect Now” forms. Inquiring if people have any questions about Mt. Zion Christian Church, or if they have any special prayer needs.