Are you a Christian, grounded in the Word of God?  Do you regularly attend a Bible centered Christian Church?  Do you love to ride street motorcycles?  If so, consider serving God in Bikers for Christ.

Joining this ministry is a relatively simple process. If someone wants to come and check out our Bikers for Christ Mt. Zion Chapter, there is no oligation. If you decide after a meeting or two that you would like to become a member, there is an application and questionnaire that must be completed by both you and your pastor. Your pastor will mail the completed application to the BFC organization. We will contact your pastor to verify your walk with the Lord. Once the application is approved – you’re in!

Member status will allow you to attend Bikers for Christ ministry events, purchase patches, merchandise, and shirts bearing the Bikers for Christ logo, and to actively serve as a part of this ministry.  Spouses are always welcome as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do people have to RSVP to attend the meetings?

Simply drop a line either by telephone at (262) 763-2715 or e-mail at

Do the meetings have spiritual application?

All of the meetings are biblically structured, with an opening and closing time of prayer. We are bound by the Spirit of God, with each participating individual having a servant’s heart for the Lord and compassion towards those we minister to.

What is a “Supportive Member?”

To be a supportive member a motorcycle is not needed. If someone wants to just help out in some aspects that would be welcomed. For example, assisting with rallys, outreach events, distributing posters, administrative helps with a newsletter, etc.

Do attendees have to own a motorcycle?

Yes. To be an official member, a motorcycle is needed. A minimum engine size of 500 cc is required. Any make and model is welcomed.

When and how often are the meetings?

Currently meetings are scheduled on the second Monday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the home of Jeff and Jenice Hughes.

What is a typical meeting like?

The meetings are very laid back. Since we are a newly formed chapter in our infancy, our meetings have mostly addressed the events and outreaches we’d like to see happen in the upcoming year.

Are other churches or people who do not attend Mt Zion welcome to attend the meetings?

Yes ~ as long as the interested person comes from a Christ believing denomination. We plan on visiting other churches in the surrounding areas and asking pastors to spread the word about the Bikers for Christ chapter at Mt Zion Christian Church.

Bikers for Christ Contact Information

Jeff & Jenice Hughes
W1008 Ski Hill Drive
Burlington, WI 53105

Home: 262-763-2715
Cell: 262-210-4964
Work: 414-343-8282