Romans 12:9-21, instructs Christians who are in difficult relationships on how to conduct themselves. This week, we talked about when to fight for a relationship and when to flee from it. We focused on our behavior in the face of evil and God’s promise to protect and avenge His mistreated children. Lastly, we reviewed how God defeats evil with love –a love that has the potential to convert the worst of sinners.


Discern the sincerity of love.

Evil fractures relationship.

Hate evil, love the good.

Sincere love and goodness puts others first.

Broken relationships destroy a person’s spiritual fervor and zeal.

Prayer fixes relationships.

Be humbly willing to meet others where they are.

Be a blessing.

Starve evil in a relationship by doing good.

Do everything possible to promote peace.

Let God get even for you.

Loving an enemy is redemptive.