In Acts 15:36-41, “The son of encouragement” and the greatest writer in the New Testament, “Had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company.”(Acts 15:39 NIV) Barnabas and Paul, one of the New Testament’s dynamic duos, parted company and resumed ministry with new companions. Even spiritual giants disagree sometimes.

This week we will explore why the Holy Spirit included this account in the Book of Acts without giving us more details.

  1. Who is this John, also called Mark, who is at the center of the disagreement?
  2. Was Barnabas wrong to take him back on the mission field?
  3. Did Paul maintain a negative attitude toward Mark, or was there reconciliation?
  4. Were Paul and Barnabas reconciled or forever fractured?
  5. Is the spread of the Gospel hindered or helped by this incident?
  6. How can we apply what we learn here to ministry in 2014?


See you in church.