In his Second Letter to Timothy, Paul describes the condition of the world. Worldly people pursue youthful evil desires. They engage in foolish stupid arguments that lead to quarrels. They are caught in the devil’s trap, doing the devil’s will, while seeking teachers that will tickle their ears.

Paul instructs Timothy and the church to flee evil and seek godliness, and to be equipped by knowing, believing, and preaching the Gospel at all times. A good ministry should rebuke, teach, and encourage with the proper attitude. A Christ-like attitude is not quarrelsome, but kind to everyone without becoming resentful.

Paul says to gently instruct opponents with great care and patience. If that is not difficult enough, He tells Timothy to “Keep his head in all situations.”

As I study these instructions to Timothy, I keep thinking that a person would have to be dead to do this. The Holy Spirit is probably saying, “Now you are getting the idea of real effective ministry.”

Please join us this week, and, hopefully, we will become cool calm effective ministers of the Gospel.

See you in church,

Pastor Dave